Dr. Slick Tyer Tool Kit

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Dr. Slick Tyer Tool Kit

7 tools and everything you need to get started in fly tying or simply upgrade your tools.  The Dr. Slick Tyer Tool Kit covers the fly tying tool bases well and with the quality tying tools that Dr. Slick is known for; at a great price as well.  The fly tying tools in this kit will have you covered for trout flies, steelhead flies, bass flies and even some saltwater fly fishing flies and pike/musky fly fishing flies.  The case that it comes in has a ripple foam bottom so you can use it as a fly box as well once the top foam is removed.

The Dr. Slick Tyer Tool kit includes the following fly tying tools:

  • SAP4G 4" straight scissor
  • CBOB4 4" ceramic bobbin
  • BOD 5" bodkin w/ half-hitch tool
  • BT 5 1/2" bobbin threader
  • HSM 2" brass hair stacker
  • WF4 4" whip finisher
  • HP 2 1/4" hackle plier

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