Alec's Marsh Munchie

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Alec's Marsh Munchie

Alec's Marsh Munchie is a killer fly in the salt and in freshwater.  It is an excellent choice as a redfish fly fishing fly but we also have put it through the ringer fly fishing smallmouth bass and while carp fly fishing.

First, think about it as a redfish fly. When’s the last time you fly fished for a fish which could weigh up to a hundred pounds? Red fish can! No wonder red fish are getting more popular. Redfish are also called channel bass, spot-tail bass and Red drum. Let’s just call ‘em "Reds." 

If you talk with a fly fisher who’s stalked them, you’ll discover redfish fight like crazy. They’re all along the coasts, as far north as Massachusetts. Imagine it! Wonderful salt water fly fishing for big fish and you’d don’t need a passport or air fare! What’s more, redfish aren’t shy. They are aggressive…and hungry (you don’t get to weigh so much by restricting your diet!). A lot of tarpon you hook won’t be as big as a big Red. So far, the biggest Redfish on record was 94 pounds. This Marsh Munchie just might help you break the record!

The reason they’re called spot-tail is the distinctive black dot on their back. It’s often got a yellow or white circle around it. The top color is red, fading from top to bottom. The fish’s bottom is white, obviously making them harder for predators to spot from below.

When the tide comes in, they like crabs and shrimp. When the tide goes out, they go further out and wait for the food to come out with the tide. They use light to find food. It’s why the Marsh Munchie has such distinctive coloring. Don’t stop stripping. When redfish find a fly, they hit it hard. 

Fish this fly a little differently. Redfish usually surface close to your boat. It can be sight fishing at its best. When you see one, cast your fly immediately. Don’t be shy. Aim right in front of the fish. They aren’t timid. If this fly lands close to the redfish, you’ll hook it. Don’t hesitate to keep casting at the same fish. Sometimes it takes a half dozen casts before it strikes. The sixth cast is definitely worth it! Just never stop moving your fly. If you stop, the redfish usually backs off.

Finally, don’t restrict this fly to salt water. It’s very effective for bass and carp. Who cares what type of fish it is or what kind of water it’s in? Just use the Marsh Munchie and haul them in! 

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