Abel Nipper Lanyard

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Abel Nipper Lanyard

This is what the Abel Nippers deserve.  Built in the USA with a durable and strong parachute cord, machined and anodized aluminum parts and a ball bearing stainless steel Sampo swivel.  Highly supple, virtually unbreakable and it keeps your Abel Nippers where they are needed.

From Abel:

Remember the little woven plastic whistle lanyard your kid brought home from summer camp? Forget it. 

The Abel Nipper Lanyard is as much like those old camp lanyards as a VW is to a Hummer. Or an old Kodak box camera is to a new Nikon. 

The Abel Lanyard is strong, lightweight, really neat looking and a terrific addition to an angler’s arsenal. 

The lanyard cord is paracord, a lightweight Nylon™ rope originally used in the suspension lines of parachutes. It is now used as a general purpose utility cord by both military personnel and civilians including various space missions. Bottom line: It will not break! 

The swivel is a Sampo™ patented ball bearing stainless steel with a welded ring for attaching the Nipper. The swivel and welded ring are finished in a non-glare stealth black. 

The slider and cord connector are Abel machined aluminum with stainless steel set screws. Clear anodized. 

Unlike twisted or woven lanyard cords, the AbeLanyard Cord is highly supple, virtually unbreakable and a joy to wear in every fishing condition. With an AbeLanyard, your Abel Nipper will be right where you need it – at your fingertips.