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Bass FliesWarm-water fly fishing is one of our specialties here at The Fly Fishers Fly Shop. We spend a lot of time fly fishing for smallmouth bass and largemouth bass, as well as muskies and pike--from Wisconsin lakes and rivers to the rest of the country's pike and bass fisheries. We have a great selection of some of the most effective smallmouth and largemouth bass flies, like bass poppers for surface fly fishing.

When you’re looking through bass flies for sale, be sure to consider where you’ll be using them and under what conditions. Time of year is another important factor. If you’re not familiar with a particular lake or river, ask in advance about what the fish are eating. Also think about the type of structure you’ll be fishing.

Obviously, surface flies will be more effective around weed beds or in shallows. Sub-surface flies generally work best in deeper water or in windy conditions. Often, larger flies or streamers work better for larger bass. But it’s amazing how often tiny flies will hook monster fish. Bass are as unpredictable as they are feisty. It’s why they call it “fishing” instead of “catching.” The magic of surface flies is the thrill of actually seeing the strike. Many fly fishers prefer surface flies even though sub-surface flies might be more effective under the same conditions. They just love to see the hit.

If you’re more interested in more fish, the sub-surface flies are almost always more popular with bass. Either way, bass love the top-quality fly fishing flies you’ll find at the Fly Fishers Fly Shop! Shop here online and get those bass “on line!”

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