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Salt Water BoneFish Fly Fishing with Pat EhlersI started The Fly Fishers in 1988 with a passion for fly fishing and a stubborn mindset to make the shop succeed.  All of these years later the shop is still going and the passion for fly fishing is still there. That passion is there for all of the crew here at The Fly Fishers too.

The fly fishing business is just that a business but it is a business that demands we are passionate about the sport to help you enjoy the world of fly fishing whether you are joining us in the Bahamas fly fishing for bonefish on one of our shop trips or just hitting the local pond for some bluegills. We’ve been there and have done it and our experience is there for you to help you enjoy this great sport.

We support some great organizations here, the South East Wisconsin Trout Unlimited Chapter, winner of the National TU Chapter of the Year Award in 2009, the Wisconsin Smallmouth Alliance as well as the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance. These groups help ensure the great gamefish we chase with our fly rods will be there for us and our kids for years to come. We ask you to get behind organizations like these wherever you live.

Thank you for your business, We couldn’t do it without your support.

Tight Lines,

Pat Ehlers


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The Fly Fishers Fly Shop
9617 W. Greenfield Ave
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