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Chocklett's Game Changer

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Blaine Chocklett's Game Changer allows you to fish a fly that swims like conventional plugs. The swimming action is incredible and we love this fly when fly fishing bass. They are also a great choice for muskie fly fishing. Here's a tip for the Game Changer, use a Marking Pen with the pearl/white version to customize colors to imitate your local baitfish.

If you want to tie your own Game Changers we sell the Articulated Spines and recommend the Gamakatsu B10S #2/0 hook. The ideal body material for tying Chocklett's Game Changer is Chocklett's Body Wrap from Hareline Dubbin. You could also use either CCT Body Fur or Hareline Dubbin's Minnow Body Wrap for the Game Changer's body.

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