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Simms Bugstopper LS Shirt Mantis
Simms BugStopper LS Shirt BUGSTOPLS $99.95
Simms BugStopper Tech Tee Brick
Simms BugStopper LS Tech Tee BUGSTOPTEE $49.95
Simms Bugstopper Pant Coffee Front
Simms BugStopper Pant BUGSTOPPNT $89.95
Simms BugStopper Sungaiter Smoke
Simms BugStopper Sungaiter BUGSTOPGAI $34.95
Simms BugStopper Glove
Simms BugStopper SunGlove BUGSTOPGLV $34.95
Simms Coldweather Pant Tumbleweed
Simms Coldweather Pant PNT-CWP $89.95
Simms Fall Run Vest Loden
Simms Fall Run Vest SIM-FRV $149.95
Simms GT TriComp Shirt Cadet Blue
Simms GT TriComp LS Shirt TRICOMP $119.95
Simms Guide Pant Coffee Front
Simms Guide Pant GUIPANT $79.95
Simms Guide Short River Rock
Simms Guide Shorts GUISHORT $69.95
Simms Rivershed Quarter Zip Sweater Cork Front
Simms Rivershed Quarter Zip Sweater RIVERQTR $99.95
Simms Rogue Fleece Hoody Black
Simms Rogue Fleece Hoody Special Holiday Pricing!! SIM-RFLH $99.95 $74.95
Simms Skiff Short Concrete Front
Simms Skiff Short SKIFF $69.95
Simms Solarflex Artist Series Shirts SSAS $59.95
Simms Solarflex Camo
Simms Solarflex LS Crewneck - Print SFLXC $59.95
Solarflex Slate Blue
Simms Solarflex LS Crewneck - Solids SLFX $49.95
Simms Solarflex LS Grey Cloud Shop Logo
Simms Solarflex LS Grey Cloud Shop Logo SIM-SLLG $59.95
Simms SunGloves Grey
Simms Solarflex SunGlove SUNGLOVE $29.95
Simms Stone Cold Shirt Indigo Plaid
Simms Stone Cold Shirt SIM-STNC $79.95
Simms Sungaiter Hex Camo Capri
Simms Sungaiter GAITER $29.95

Shirts and pants that are comfortable and functional.  This is clothing designed to help keep you more comfortable while fly fishing in any environment. Fly fishing clothing is designed to not only keep you comfortable but will protect you from UV rays and some clothing will keep insects way too.

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