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Echo EPR Fly Rods for Sale

Echo EPR 1090-4 10wt Fly Rod for Sale
Echo EPR 1090-4 Fly Rod (9'0"10wt. 4pc) EERP10 $449.99
Echo EPR 1290-4 Fly Rod (9'0"12wt. 4pc) EERP12 $449.99
Echo EPR 890-4 Fly Rod (9'0" 8wt. 4pc) EERP8 $449.99
EPR 9wt Saltwater Fly Rod
Echo EPR 990-4 Fly Rod (9'0" 9wt. 4pc) EERP9 $449.99

Settle for Nothing Less than the Best. Choose the Echo EPR.

EPR, short for Extreme Performance fly Rod, is Echo’s premier example of superior fly fishing technology and fly rod design. The EPR line of professional fly fishing rods by Echo boast superior power and action to previous Echo rods. The EPR’s stupid fast action and ability to withstand extreme resistance makes this rod perfect for serious fly fishers looking for a big catch.

Designed by The Fly Fishers' own Pat Ehlers, we are confident the Echo EPR fly rod will provide the performance you demand at a price you will love.

Echo EPR Fly Rod Specifications
EPR-890 9'0" 8wt A 4.4oz Fast $449.99
EPR-990 9'0" 9wt A 4.5oz Fast $449.99
EPR-1090 9'0" 10wt B 4.8oz Fast $449.99
EPR-1290 9'0" 12wt B 5.1oz Fast $449.99

The Fly Fishers carries all of your necessary fly rod upgrades, flies, fly tying materials, and everything else that you’ll need to go with your new EPR fly rod.

Our fly fishing supplies are praised by professional and amateur fishermen alike. It’s our goal to give you the best fishing experience possible!

Superior Craftsmanship Means Superior Performance.

All of our Echo fly fishing rods and other fly fishing accessories are built with only the highest level of quality in mind. We carry all of the latest fly fishing rods by Echo and other industry giants, and our team will gladly assist you with any questions that you may have.

The EPR fly fishing rod is available in multiple different weights and sizes—this allows you to choose a fly fishing rod that is hand-tailored to match your fishing preferences, technique, and strategy. Simply consult with a Fly Fishers specialist and let us point you in the right direction! It is our number one goal to improve your fishing game, as well as give you a kind, courteous, and helpful customer service experience.

Affordable Performance Fly Fishing Gear

Whether you are searching for the best fly fishing gear for beginners, or consider yourself to be an established fly fishing expert, The Fly Fishers has everything that you need to succeed. We carry fly fishing rods by some of the top makers in the industry, including:

We have the best quality fly fishing gear on the market, and our inventory is constantly changing as the latest and greatest fly fishing technology continues to arrive! We stay up to date on all of the newest trends in the fly fishing world, and you can count on The Fly Fishers to carry the best quality products at the lowest prices possible!

Check out The Fly Fishers' full line of Echo fly fishing rods today!